About My Robo Trader

Automation in the Trading World has a lot of challenges. Most of the traders are facing consistent loss in the stock market due to emotional trading, lack of discipline etc. My Robo Trader will help to eliminate all these issues and Traders can enjoy substantial growth during both rising and falling market situations for consistent gains.

My Robo Trader analyse the market in real time,identify buy sell opportunities and execute the trade automatically in your Trading Terminal. It saves time, money and minimize human errors.

Our Products


• High Speed Data with zero Legacy.
• 2500 + Symbols Supported

My Robo Trader

• Paper Trading, Nest Trader & Diet Odin supported.
• Auto Place Orders in ..

Cloud VPS

• An opportunity to trade 24/7. There is no need to leave your own computer running

Historical Intraday Data (IEOD)

• Back Test your Auto Buy Sell Strategy using Historical Intraday Data.